ASLA features Despommier & Eco-Laboratory

asla_logoToday the American Society of Landscape Architects published an on-line article/interview with Dr. Dickson Despommier about vertical farming and urban agriculture. We get a nice mention and they used a diagram I created for the Eco-Laboratory!

What role do you see for the design professions (landscape architects, architects, urban planners) in creating these vertical farms?Ecolab

Just go to our web site and look under the design section. What you have to realize is that none of those designs were actually solicited by us. These designs were submitted by people once they heard about the idea. They dropped what they were doing and created an image, which in their mind represents the way a vertical farm should look. Now, there is one called Eco-Laboratory by Weber Thompson. I don’t want to get too specific, but I think I have to mention them because they are the only ones that actually called me up and said, “We’re thinking of designing a vertical farm. What do you think it should look like?”  And I said, “Well, what I think it should look like is a prototype and it should be a research facility, certainly an applied research facility in which the scientists and technicians live together in an apartment complex adjacent to maybe a five-to-ten story building, which has all of the fittings necessary to try out whatever crops you’re interested in growing.

While this isn’t exactly how are relationship developed its still great to see viral marketing pay off. Also, the ASLA blog posted a summary of the article. Notice the image? hmm… I think that looks familiar!

Image credit: Weber Thompson

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