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CNBC – The Business of Innovation

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

A few weeks back I was interviewed by CNBC for their upcoming special on the future of our cities. The program hits on a lot of the hot issues including smart grids, new transportation networks, security, and food production. They don’t go into too much depth about any one particular subject but it provides a good summary of where we may be headed in the future.

The segment featuring the Eco-Laboratory begins around the 28 minute mark. With a quick introduction to the topic of ecological design and cities from Jason McLennan who’s the president of Cascadia chapter of the USGBC. They go on to interview Dickson Despommier (founder of the vertical farming movement). Then, I have a quick sound bite while they show images from our project. (more…)

Foregoing the Next Great Extinction

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

scientific americanDid you know the Earth’s most predominate ecosystem is pasture?!? A man made ecosystem covering an area larger than Africa. Totally shocking… I found this info in a great article in this month’s Scientific American. It focuses on the shortcomings of our current agricultural system, and proposes potential solutions to help with population increase and the resulting need for more food. Unfortunately, no mention of hydroponics as a part of the answer.