Foregoing the Next Great Extinction

scientific americanDid you know the Earth’s most predominate ecosystem is pasture?!? A man made ecosystem covering an area larger than Africa. Totally shocking… I found this info in a great article in this month’s Scientific American. It focuses on the shortcomings of our current agricultural system, and proposes potential solutions to help with population increase and the resulting need for more food. Unfortunately, no mention of hydroponics as a part of the answer.

Another Inconvenient Truth: The World’s Growing Population Poses a Malthusian Dilemma

Solving climate change, the Sixth Great Extinction and population growth… at the same time

By David Biello

By 2050, the world will host nine billion people—and that’s if population growth slows in much of the developing world. Today, at least one billion people are chronically malnourished or starving. Simply to maintain that sad state of affairs would require the clearing (read: deforestation) of 900 million additional hectares of land, according to Pedro Sanchez, director of the Tropical Agriculture and Rural Environment Program at The Earth Institute at Columbia University.

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image: © / Tobias Helbig

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