What’s for dinner?

pure food and wine lasagnaVegan, raw, organic food for dinner? Not something I’d usually explore past a salad, before a meat and potatoes style entrée! However, while I was in New York I had the opportunity to partake in possibly, the most delicious, creative food I have ever eaten. The place: Pure Food and Wine in the Gramercy Park Neighborhood in Manhattan. Simply put, there are no animal products used other than honey, everything is fresh and organic, it’s all raw, and not heated above 118 degrees to preserve the vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes.

Our generous host treated us to virtually the entire menu paired with some exquisite wines. Some highlights for me included the “fresh” plate, which showcases the finest produce from the Union Square Farmers Market bought day of. The Zucchini and Local Hothouse Tomato Lasagna was also incredible! To top it off, the desserts were out of this world! I think I was just totally perplexed by the Mint Sundae, complete with “ice cream” which was better than the real thing!

What a treat! Be sure to check it our next time you’re in the city. It’s well worth it!

Special thanks to Forbes and Sarma for one incredible evening!

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