Top ten sustainable food trailblazers

Eat-onomics: The Ten Most Inspiring People in Sustainable Food

by Stephanie Schomer

On Friday Fast Company posted their Top Ten Sustainable food folks. The list includes the most notable movers and shakers in the food revolution. You might recognize Dickson Despommier, Jamie Oliver, and Michael Pollan who have appeared on this blog. It’s really exciting to see all these people on the same list. Congrats to all!

Top 10:

Dan Barber, executive chef and co-owner of Blue Hill Farm

Deborah Kane, Vice President of Food and Farms at Ecotrust

Mike Yohay, CEO of Cityscape Farms

Gary Hirshberg, CEO, Stonyfield Farm

Roger Doiron, founder, Kitchen Gardeners International

Jamie Oliver, chef – see previous post

Melanie Cheng, founder, FarmsReach

Michael Pollan, author, Food Rules

Dickson Despommier, Vertical Farms Project

Robert Kenner, director, Food Inc.

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