Sustainable Ag in Cuba

Check out this article I recently came across about Cuba’s sustainable agricultural practices. Originally posted on The Solutions website the authors chronicle the development of Cuba’s agricultural practices a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the resulting sanctions. For the past 40+ years Cuba was forced to develop methods for growing produce independent of petrochemicals. In Havana, urban agricultural practices account for 80% of produce consumed.

Now, as the Country is on the verge of reintegrating into world economies all that hard work could be in jeopardy. Once the country is back “on the grid” there will be no limit to the flood of cheep oil, pesticides, and imported produce that will compete with the local sustainable food efforts. The question becomes how will Cuba reengage without losing the heart of their food system.

a very interesting read… nice work to Jack Fairweather and Christina Asquith.

the original article: How Can Cuba’s Sustainable Agriculture Survive the Peace?

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